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Custom Weightlifting Belt

How to measure for a weightlifting belt?

Check out our video at the following link for how to measure for a weightlifting belt.


What is the timeframe for a custom weightlifting belt?

If everything goes according to plan our average production time for a custom weightlifting belt is 6 - 8 weeks. Unfortunately, that is a long time for anything to go wrong like a global pandemic for example. So sometimes we can get a belt done in less than 5 weeks and others can take more than 7 weeks.

We have 4 stages of production where you will receive updates.

1. Order Received And Processed -

This is confirmation that we have processed your order and sent it to the workshop for production without needing any further information from you. This should be completed within a couple of business days from when you place the order depending on demand at the time.

2. Order In Production -

This means that the warehouse has just picked up your paperwork and is getting started on gathering all your materials. For a more accurate timeframe, this is where the 5 - 7 week production time should start. This period will be the longest you will wait before another update as it can take weeks for a custom belt to go through all our production stations and we make belts as they are ordered so yours could be waiting in a line.

3. Almost complete -

You will receive this update when your belt is coming to the end of production and is almost complete and ready for quality checking.

4. Final stages -

This update will be sent when your belt is finished production and is going through the final quality check. During this stage, any imperfections will be fixed or if there is a major mistake like a word spelt wrong we will get it fixed before any other belt moves through that station.

If the belt is of a high standard of manufacturing then the next notification you will get is a tracking number meaning it has been packed up and shipped off.

Some things that can affect this process and delay your custom belt are:

Weather: If it is humid it is very difficult to work with leather and this is something we can not control.

Embossing: Embossing takes a bit longer because the word or shape has to be CNC machined out of steel before it is pressed into the leather.

Complex customisation: If you have ordered a complex design, this can take time to design and get ready for the embroidery machine or printer.

Shipping: When complete, the belts are shipped to a different location that is much cleaner than the workshop for final quality checks, packing and shipping. Then shipped out to you. We rely on AusPost and local couriers for this and they can also have unexpected delays.

Demand: If we are receiving a high demand of custom belt orders this can really push our average production time way out. We are always trying to improve our production process to handle these high demand times.

What type of belt should I order?

We have an article called "TRAINING BELTS: THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE" which should give you a better idea of what type of belt you should use.

You can read it here https://anviltd.com/blogs/all-articles/training-belts-the-beginner-s-guide

I like to look at it like this:
- Training belts are for lightweight training.
- Buckel and lever belts are for heavy weight training.
- 13mm thickness is for competition only.

Why won’t my lever stay closed?

Belt levers are designed to become more secure as more outwards pressure is applied to them. What this means for a lifting belt is that the lever doesn't latch shut unless the belt is on, and becomes more secure the more outwards force you apply against the belt.

Belts and levers will not necessarily stay closed when not being used as there is no outward pressure being applied as needed.