Liquid Chalk

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Anvil Liquid Chalk is a great tool for your gym bag. 

Anvil's Liquid Chalk is a great training accessory that provides a superior grip and absorbs sweat away from your hands. With liquid chalk, you can train longer than ever before in comfort and style. Our chalk allows for maximum absorption so that you don't have to worry about reapplying every couple of lifts. The non-sticky, long-lasting formula improves grip strength and minimizes sweating during exercise or training.

Features & Benefits: Non-Sticky Formula - Superior Grip Absorbs Sweat Long Lasting

Our liquid chalk is made of the highest quality ingredients, won't leave residue on your hands, and comes in a convenient size. When you're done with your workout, simply rinse off with water to cleanse.

Having your own liquid chalk is a great way to avoid spreading germs through your gym. This convenient size allows you to easily clip it right onto your gym bag, so you’ll always have it with you when in need.

Provides antibacterial protection. This is one of the few chalk products out there that will also help to prevent unwanted bacteria from transferring to your hands.

Why choose us?

Anvil Training & Development is an Australian Veteran Owned and Operated company.

We believe in a growth mindset supported by continuous learning, smart physical training, and mental health support, in pursuit of lifelong personal development.