Physical Training Services

Anvil Training & Development is an Australian Veteran owned business, specialising in a holistic approach to strength and rehabilitation. We build physical and mental strength through powerlifting team training, and offer technical coaching for SBD lifts for the veteran and civilian community. Our head coach, Marshall, has 6 years Infantry experience, including leading soldiers within Australia and on operations. He spent a year as an instructor at the School of Infantry, and since leaving the military has been coaching veterans to be stronger, manage their pain and injuries through training, and compete as powerlifters. He also works side by side with a PhD holding Psychologist and Trauma Specialist, to manage mental and physical wellbeing for the veteran community.
Marshall offers Powerlifting Team Training 4 times a week, 1-on1 Lift Specific coaching, and online strength & conditioning coaching to a limited number of weekly clients.
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